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Install latest/stable of MicroCloud

Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

Make sure snap support is enabled in your Desktop store.

Install using the command line

sudo snap install microcloud

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Automated small-scale cloud deployment

Micro clouds are small footprint clusters of compute nodes with distributed storage and networking, optimised for repeatable, reliable remote deployments. Micro clouds are aimed at edge computing, as well as for anyone in need of a small-scale private cloud.

MicroCloud snap drives three other snaps (LXD, MicroCeph and MicroOVN) enabling automated deployment of a highly available LXD cluster for compute with Ceph as a storage backend and OVN as network backend.

A minimum of 3 systems are required.

Once the simple bootstrapping is completed, users can launch, run and manage their workloads using system containers or VMs, and otherwise utilize regular LXD functionalities.

To get started, LXD, MicroCeph, MicroOVN and MicroCloud snaps are needed. Users can install them at once with the command:

snap install lxd microceph microcloud microovn

The bootstrapping process starts with running

microcloud init

Following the simple CLI prompts, a working micro cloud will be ready within minutes.

Details for MicroCloud

  • GPL-3.0-only

Last updated
  • 2 November 2023 - latest/stable
  • 11 April 2024 - latest/edge


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