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sudo snap install git-filter-repo --edge

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git-filter-repo is only available on the unstable edge channel. It could break and change often.

Channel Version Published

Versatile tool for rewriting history of Git repositories

git filter-repo is a versatile tool for rewriting history, which includes [capabilities I have not found anywhere else]( It roughly falls into the same space of tool as [git filter-branch]( but without the capitulation-inducing poor [performance](, with far more capabilities, and with a design that scales usability-wise beyond trivial rewriting cases. [git filter-repo is now recommended by the git project]( instead of git filter-branch.

While most users will probably just use filter-repo as a simple command line tool (and likely only use a few of its flags), at its core filter-repo contains a library for creating history rewriting tools. As such, users with specialized needs can leverage it to quickly create [entirely new history rewriting tools](

Snap-specific information

This is NOT an official distribution of git filter-repo, refer the snap's own issue tracker for support:

Details for git-filter-repo

  • MIT

Last updated
  • 6 June 2021


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