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Ultimate Media Downloader

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Ultimate media downloader is a Gui based video audio downloader which support download media from various sites.

Ultimate media downloader is a Gui based video audio downloader which support download media from various sites.

This is pro version so you have to pay to unlock it before using application- Unlock fee for Indian users- 50 INR Unlock fee for Other users worldwide- 3$

Features included are :

Version 1:-

1) One Click download best media quality available . 2) Beautiful and simple GUI. 3) Save Download Locations. 4) Loads informations before Downloading any media . 5) Advance Download options . 6) Two Download Engine Support. Option to update download engine from app setting , so you will get all site support those will added to engine in future. 7) Convert video to Audio with preferred format and quality. 8) Resume support , Resumes media download even it was paused months ago.

Updates in Version 2:-

9) Saves history of what you did with detailed information. 10) Inbuilt fastest Browser to browse media sites which allow you one click download. 11) Powerful setting module enable you to control every part of application. 12) Added a option which saves all the history of your downloaded video to resume them later or redownload them in different formats. 13) App now support Dark theme , you can change the theme of app with just a click.

Updates in Version 3:-

14) New Custom Youtube-Browser extension to browse videos faster . 15) New Youtube-batch-download plugin to download all videos from page or playlist. 16) User can also set download speed limit to download media with preferred download speed. 17) Lots of other features can't be described here, more features and updates are coming soon in future.

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10 December 2016

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