Red - Youtube Client for Linux

Red - Youtube Client for Linux

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Install latest/stable of Red - Youtube Client for Linux

Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

Make sure snap support is enabled in your Desktop store.

Install using the command line

sudo snap install red-app

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Complete Youtube Desktop Applications

Red is a complete Youtube Application for Linux Desktop. Red is a neat, simple yet feature rich, privacy focused Youtube Player and Downloader application available for Linux Desktop.

Main Features :

  • Red give you complete Youtube Experience, you can sign-in to your account and Download or Play content straight from your collection.
  • Red persists users settings without needing to Sign Up or Sign In for a Youtube account .
  • Red comes with built-in lightweight yet powerful Ad-blocker which was designed to block annoying Youtube ads without slowing down the experience.
  • Red has option to block Youtube's nasty Loggers and trackers.
  • Red allows you to disable loading of comments on video.
  • Red cares for your privacy, It comes with App screen Lock feature, which prevent anyone one from gaining access to your Application/Account without your passcode.
  • Red has its own Download Manager, which allows you to download media in any format you want, You can also resume the downloads even after years.
  • You can download or listen Audio only of any Video in 7 audio formats (mp3, aac, m4a, opus, flac, wav, and vorbis).
  • Red allows you download Video with your preferred audio and video quality and in their different combinations.
  • Red also have its own media player inbuilt with Hardware decoding support enabled by default.
  • Red keeps your 30 recently visited videos in its history manager, so that you can visit them later without even signing-up for a Youtube account.
  • Red saves your last visited page and allow you to restore it even after app shutdowns.
  • Red take less RAM and is lighter in memory footprint then Youtube tab opened in Chrome or Firefox.
  • Red comes with Dark Theme enabled by default, but you can switch theme anytime from settings widget.
  • Everyone loves Youtube's Cinema mode, and sick of Youtube turning it off as you browse through different videos right ?? Red comes with a feature to force Youtube Cinema mode.
  • Youtube tends to automatically start playback of video as you click a video link which is annoying sometime, Red helps you prevent this behaviour, by giving user an option to toggle between the same.
  • Youtube do not allow playback of media when you switch tab or minimize your web browser, which make the concept of playlist completely fail. Red continues playback while minimized.
  • Red exposes options to manage application Cache and Cookie to users.
  • Red will bring many more exciting features in near future, spread the name and the app with your friends, family and colleagues.

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Details for Red - Youtube Client for Linux

  • Proprietary

Last updated
  • 6 September 2023 - latest/stable
  • 6 September 2023 - latest/edge



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