Fresh Snaps from May 2018

by Alan Pope on 5 June 2018

Fresh Snaps from April 2018

by Alan Pope on 16 May 2018

Trust and security in the Snap Store

by Canonical on 15 May 2018

Growing ONLYOFFICE through snaps and the Snap Store

by Sarah Dickinson on 29 March 2018

Your first robot: Sharing with others [5/5]

by Kyle Fazzari on 16 March 2018

Your first robot: The driver [4/5]

by Kyle Fazzari on 9 March 2018

An intro to ONLYOFFICE – now available as a snap

by Guest on 9 March 2018

This is a guest blog written by Kseniya Fedoruk of ONLYOFFICE. Two years ago ONLYOFFICE developers released a desktop office suite that combined viewers and editors for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Last week ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors was released as a snap – the universal Linux packaging format. This blog explains with […]