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wagerr, digital currency for decentralized betting

Wagerr is a decentralized sportsbook that changes the way the world bets on sports.

  • built for everyone. Wagerr uses distributed blockchain technology to execute betting contracts. It escrows stakes, verifies results, and pays out winners. By eliminating centralauthorities, Wagerr solves the most pernicious problems in the industry. Reducing corruption and risk results in predictable operation. You can bet on Wagerr.
    • Free of All regulatory bodies
    • Unrestricted global Access
    • Support for all major sport leagues
    • Truly Deflationary Chain
  • Value Coupling Nearly half of all fees are systematically destroyed — and destroying fees diminishes coin supply. It’s a simple matter of
  • supply and demand Given steady demand, free markets tend to respond to a dwindling supply with rising asset price. Holders of the asset will only sell it for the highest price the market will bear. Watch the video and check out the “economics” tab for more details on how the Wagerr economy works.

Homepage: https://wagerr.com/ Blockexplorer (main): https://explorer.wagerr.com/ Blockexplorer (testnet): https://explorer2.wagerr.com/ Github: https://github.com/wagerr/wagerr/ Wiki: https://github.com/wagerr/wagerr/wiki

Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/wagerr/

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  • MIT

Last updated
  • 2 March 2021 - latest/stable
  • 2 March 2021 - latest/candidate



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