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Folder Comparator, File Comparator, Struggle Compare Version 3, useful for Codes.

Struggle Compare Refactoring Version 3

New version, new core code, new logic code, new UI code... Since the release of the first version of the Apple Store, Version 1, on July 18, 2020, after 3 and a half years, three refactored versions have been released.

  • Each file comparison has a maximum of ten comparison threads.

  • Each copy operation can have up to ten concurrent copy threads. Like other early file copying technologies, in situations with a large number of small files, it is one to two times faster than native single threaded copy technology of the operating system. Because the single thread operation of the file directory table requires locking the sub directory table data block and updating the sub directory table data block separately.

  • The task line is highlighted with a light gray background color during operation.

  • You can switch the character set of any text file for display.

  • Support selecting different character sets in left and right file comparisons.

Synchronized release Windows, macOs and Ubuntu versions.

Thanks for your using.

Thank you a lot, my friends.

Struggle Compare重构版本Version3

全新版本,新的核心代码、新的逻辑代码、新的UI代码……自2020年7月18日发布Apple Store第一个版本Version1,历经3年半,发布3个重构版本。

  • 每次文件对比,最多有十个比较线程。
  • 每次拷贝操作,最多有十个并发拷贝线程。与其他很早以前就已知的文件拷贝技术一样,在小文件较多的情况下,多线程拷贝相对操作系统原生单线程拷贝技术快一到两倍。因为,文件目录数据操作可以并发锁住和修改不同的文件目录数据块,而不需要插入一条文件信息后再操作下一个文件。也就是,不同的磁盘文件目录数据块的锁定、修改、解锁操作互不影响。相对操作系统的单任务单线程拷贝的性能提升在于使用多线程对不同磁盘文件目录数据块的并发锁定与并发写入一条小于4k的文件信息以及并发解锁效率要高于单线程。要点:小文件的拷贝、磁盘写入,瓶颈不在于磁盘写入文件内容数据的过程,而在于文件目录树的修改过程,在于位于不同磁盘数据块节点的文件目录树内容数据的单线程修改。这是2020年以来发现的未被挖掘的操作系统的拷贝性能提升点。


  • 运行中任务行使用浅灰色背景色标亮。
  • 可切换任意文本文件的字符集进行显示,特殊处理带BOM(Byte-Order Mark)的字符集文件。
  • 支持在左文件和右文件比较中选择不同的字符集。
  • 同步发布Windows版本、macOs版本与Ubuntu版本。


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  • 4 December 2023 - latest/stable



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