Facebook messenger port

Facebook messenger port

Andrius Pratusis (cyber456) Publisher

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Simple and smart Facebook Messenger Desktop App. Hope that you'll like it.

Facebook Messenger port for the desktop environment (Unofficial release)

Just a simple HTML wrapper built with Electron.

No, it does not distort the sound. Just a little mistake while taking video.

If you click received youtube link and the video publisher didn't block embeds, your app opens youtube video within itself. If publisher disabled embeds... Well... You're ducked. No video will be shown.

If you close or minimize the app, the app stays in the tray. If you close the app from the tray menu, it finishes its job and closes.

If you get a message in tray mode, icon with the profile picture of your conversation buddy appears (If you enable notifications). No sounds, no distractions. Test it, suggest some changes and I'll work on it further.


**Camera interface was added (Should fix external camera issues)

Use the command line and type:

snap connect:messengerport:camera :camera

To check if the interface was assigned successfully:

snap interfaces :camera




**Code libraries were renewed

**Notification Bubble bug was fixed

**Due to safety reasons only youtube links were allowed to be opened


**Some bug fixes



**Official facebook messenger icons asset was used for further development

**The blue messenger icon was removed from the desktop right corner and a new feature was added. Instead of an icon turning red, you'll see a bubble icon with your conversation partner profile image appearing

**Removed my first and last name from the app to make it a little bit more professional looking.



**Fixed main.js error, which occurred using the app in maximized mode

rev.4 :


**Removed an active app card from the taskbar in tray mode

**--Suggested by anonymous user

rev. 3


**Added an alert box to display when file downloading status on download finishing

**Fixed issue with an alert box displaying only once per session

**Default file saving directory is Desktop


Sincerely, Andrius Pratusis

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Last updated
23 August 2019

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