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The best email app for people and teams at work

Mailspring is a desktop email client with modern features like unified inbox, snoozing, reminders, templates, offline search, and support for Gmail labels. It even has a built-in "dark" and "ubuntu" themes so you can style it to match your desktop. Move to Mailspring and breathe life back into your tired inbox!

Provider Support:

Mailspring is absolutely free and supports all IMAP providers, including Gmail, Office 365 and iCloud. Mailspring does not support Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

Pro Version:

If your work revolves around email, Mailspring Pro adds even more features, supercharging the app with read receipts, link tracking, send later, reminders, contact profiles, email analytics and more. At $8/mo, Mailspring Pro is an affordable alternative to sales and business email extensions and the first tool to bring all these powerful features to any IMAP providers.

Mailspring is open-source software ( and Mailspring Pro subscriptions allow the core maintainers to work on Mailspring and keep improvements coming.

Mailspring ID:

In order to use Mailspring, you need to create a Mailspring account. However, none of your email credentials or passwords are ever sent to the cloud. Your Mailspring ID holds things like snooze dates and mail rules, so you can re-install Mailspring or use it on two computers at once.

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22 October 2019

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ubuntu 18.04
ubuntu 19.10
ubuntu 19.04
ubuntu 16.04
linuxmint 19.2
ubuntu 18.10
linuxmint 19.1
elementary 5.1
neon 18.04
elementary 5.0
debian 10
zorin 15
linuxmint 19
linuxmint 18.3
fedora 31
fedora 30
deepin 15.11
ubuntu 17.10
debian 9
zorin 12
debian sid
kali 2019.4
elementary 0.4.1
parrot 4.7
linuxmint 18.2
ubuntu 20.04
linuxmint 18.1
ubuntu 14.04
fedora 29
opensuse-leap 15.1
centos 7
linuxmint 18
ubuntu 17.04
galliumos 3.0
linuxmint 19.3
solus 4.0
fedora 28
linuxmint 3
opensuse-leap 15.0
fedora 27
ubuntu 16.10
pureos 9.0
kali 2019.3
bunsenlabs 9.8

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