How to install ircminer
on CentOS


Joe McManus (joemcmanus)

A script to mine IRC logs for fun and profit, well really just fun.

A python program to mine data from ZNC logs of IRC. For now it creates bar graphs and word clouds.


 daneel:logs joe$ ircminer --help 
 usage: ircminer [-h] [--single SINGLE] [--multi MULTI] [--outfile OUTFILE]
                    [--bgimage BGIMAGE] [--limit LIMIT] [--width WIDTH]
                    [--height HEIGHT] [--graph] [--cloud] [--title TITLE]
                    [--exclude EXCLUDE] [--filenames]

 ZNC Log Miner Image Generation

 optional arguments:
   -h, --help         show this help message and exit
   --single SINGLE    Single Source file
   --multi MULTI      keyword for multip[le Source files in the current
   --outfile OUTFILE  Destination image file if not specified will be the name
                      of the input file.png
   --bgimage BGIMAGE  Optional image file to shape around
   --limit LIMIT      # of words to display, default 100
   --width WIDTH      Width of image, default 1600
   --height HEIGHT    Height of image, default 1200
   --graph            Create a graph
   --cloud            Create a word cloud
   --title TITLE      Title of Graph
   --exclude EXCLUDE  List of words to exclude, enclose in quotes
   --filenames        Print name of matching files when using multi

To look at one log and create a single wordcloud:

  daneel:logs joe$ ircminer --cloud --single example.log 
  Source file: example.log
  Output file  : examople.log.png
  Result Limit : 100
  IMG Width    : 1600
  IMG Height   : 1200

To create a word cloud from all ZNC logs with the word "example" in the name use the multi switch.

 daneel:logs joe$ ircminer --multi example --cloud 
 Processing files matching pattern *example*.log
 Output file  : example.png
 Result Limit : 100
 IMG Width    : 1600
 IMG Height   : 1200
 Found 118 matching files.
 Processing file : 118 of 118

To create a bar graph from all ZNC logs with the word "example" in the name use --graph with --multi. `

 daneel:logs joe$ ircminer --multi example  --graph  --limit 50 --title "Example Most Common Words" 
 Processing files matching pattern *example*.log
 Result Limit : 50
 Found 118 matching files.
 Processing file : 118 of 118

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Last updated
29 March 2019

Enable snaps on CentOS and install ircminer

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Enable snapd

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Snap can now be installed as follows:

Once installed, the systemd unit that manages the main snap communication socket needs to be enabled:

To enable classic snap support, enter the following to create a symbolic link between /var/lib/snapd/snap and /snap:

Either log out and back in again, or restart your system, to ensure snap’s paths are updated correctly.

Install ircminer

To install ircminer, simply use the following command:

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