Snapcraft Tutorials

This section of our documentation contains step-by-step tutorials to help you learn how to build snap packages of your applications and services, for desktop, servers and embedded devices.

Our tutorials have been written to make as few assumptions as possible, and to be accessible to everyone. They’re an ideal place to start learning about snapcraft.

Walkthroughs Step-by-step walkthroughs
Using snapcraft Installation instructions and a quickstart guide
Add dependencies Include all the packages your snap needs to run
Build snaps remotely Build snaps from our Launchpad build farm, or from GitHub

If you have a specific goal, but are already familiar with Snapcraft, our How-to guides have more in-depth detail than our tutorials and can be applied to a broader set of applications. They’ll help you achieve an end-result but may require you to understand and adapt the steps to fit your specific requirements.

Take a look at our Reference section when you need to know which interfaces can be used and what plugins Snapcraft supports.

Finally, for a better understanding of how Snapcraft works, and how it can be used and configured, our Explanation section enable you to expand your knowledge and become better at building snaps with Snapcraft.

Last updated 7 months ago.