Install latest/edge of conduit

Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

Make sure snap support is enabled in your Desktop store.

Install using the command line

sudo snap install conduit --edge

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conduit is only available on the unstable edge channel. It could break and change often.

Channel Version Published

A Matrix homeserver written in Rust

A fast Matrix homeserver that's easy to set up and just works. You can install it on a mini-computer like the Raspberry Pi to host Matrix for your family, friends or company.

Conduit is under heavy development, and many features of a fully-functional Matrix server are incomplete or missing, but

What are the biggest things still missing?

  • Appservices (Bridges and Bots)
  • Most federation features (invites, e2ee)
  • Push notifications on mobile
  • Notification settings
  • Lots of testing

Details for conduit

  • unset

Last updated
  • 25 November 2020 - latest/edge

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