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A tone generator inspired by the Korg ER-1

!!! READ THIS !!! You may have problems running this via Snapcraft (non functional UI, no sound, clicking, degraded audio quality, etc), if so please download the binary or compile from source at;

!!! Exported files now save to ~/Documents/Borg_ER-3/

This is fixed-state modular synthesizer using FART oscillators, which if you can hold back the chuckles for just a moment stands for Frequency, Amplitude, Resolution, and Transformation oscillators, where the resolution regards harmonic resolution and transformation regards which wave-shape is being produced by the oscillator.

The envelope can be clicked and dragged into any shape, and the biquads can be manually configured on a per coefficient basis, they are executed in sequential order so BIQUAD 1 executes first.

It's a fun little synthesizer and a spiritual reboot of the original Borg ER-2 which is a windows application:

The long synopsis can be read here:

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  • MIT

Last updated
  • 25 July 2023


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